Radiant Heat Warranty

Ashawa Bay engineered floors are warranted for installation over radiant in-floor heating system. Our standard limited lifetime structural and finish warranty applies to installations over radiant in-floor heating systems.

Our floors are built to stand up to generations of use, and should age beautifully with minimal care. We pride ourselves in applying continuous and rigorous quality control and back our floors with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and on the pre-finished with a 25 year finish warranty in residential applications and a 5 year finish warranty in commercial applications. Please see our full warranty for complete details.

As with any flooring installation, care is advised in radiant in-floor heat applications due to the potential for overheating of the in floor heat system. It is also very important that the heat be increased gradually to avoid shocking the floor.

Caution is advised when installing exotic species such as Jatoba, Santos Mahogany,Ipe etc over radiant heat as they may show some face checking and other veneer defects after exposure to the radiant heat. Exotic species, which are defined as species not indigenous to North America, are covered under Ashawa Bay structural warranty when used over radiant in floor heat, however these exotic species floors are not warranted against face checking, splitting, cupping, delamination or other defect of the face veneer when installed over radiant in floor heat.

For Radiant In-Floor Heat Applications, installation/operation must meet or exceed the following requirements:

  1. Prior to installation the heating system should be operated at 60% of maximum output for at least 2 weeks for complete moisture stabilization. About 3 days prior to installation, reduce the heating system to a suitable temperature of about 18 C or 64 F.
  2. About 2 days after installation gradually over a period of 10 days increase the temperature to comfortable operating level.
  3. During the operation of the in-floor heat system, the temperature of the of the floor MUST NOT EXCEED 81 degrees F/27 degrees C. Exceeding this temperature will void your floor’s warranty.
  4. As with any wood floor, the floor will perform best if humidity is maintained between 35%-55%. Use a humidification system as needed.

Please refer to the NWFA flooring installation guidelines for complete best practices to ensure your Ashawa Bay engineered floor will give a lifetime of use.